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Experience WOW Fusion Microneedling: Revitalise Your Skin

 At Oracle Aesthetics Carlisle, Cumbria WOW Fusion Microneedling is a treatment designed to address your unique skin concerns. This innovative procedure combines the benefits of microneedling with the direct delivery of essential ingredients, including vitamins, anti-aging serums, hyaluronic acid, and even hair growth stimulants. Plus, with the inclusion of anti-wrinkle treatment, we can effectively combat redness caused by dilated superficial blood vessels and help tighten and refine your pores, leaving your skin with an airbrushed look that’s perfect for those special occasions.

Treatment Options

WOW Fusion Microneedling without anti-wrinkle treatment: £225

WOW Fusion Microneedling with anti-wrinkle treatment: £325


Appointment Information

Appointment Duration: 45 minutes

Downtime: Minimal, with some redness that may last up to 24 hours


How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling is a transformative treatment that harnesses the power of your skin’s natural healing abilities. By using tiny, sterile needles to create micro-injuries on the skin’s surface, we stimulate the skin’s inherent healing response. This encourages the production of new skin cells and enhances the network of blood vessels that provide essential nutrients and hydration to the skin’s cells. The results are a brighter, more youthful complexion with reduced pigmentation and improved skin texture.


Key Benefits of WOW Fusion Microneedling

  • Personalised Skincare Solution: WOW Fusion Microneedling is tailored to your specific skin concerns, ensuring that you receive the ideal treatment for your unique needs.
  • Enhanced Collagen Production: Microneedling promotes the natural production of collagen, a vital protein for healthy and youthful-looking skin.
  • Reduced Pore Size: It can help minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, giving your skin a smoother texture.
  • Targeted Hydration: By directly delivering hyaluronic acid and other essential nutrients, WOW Fusion Microneedling offers deep hydration to your skin.
  • Address Various Skin Types: Whether you have dehydrated skin, dull skin, or oily skin, this treatment is versatile and effective.
  • Tackling Pigmentation: Microneedling is excellent for reducing pigmentation issues and acne scarring.
  • Combining Microneedling and Serums: The WOW Fusion serum is specifically designed to complement the microneedling process, providing optimal results.
  • Glass Vial Delivery: The treatment utilises a glass vial that ensures the precise and effective delivery of ingredients.

Advanced Microneedling Technologies

The WOW Fusion Microneedling treatment employs an innovative needling device that allows for controlled, precise, and even delivery of active ingredients into the skin. This targeted approach ensures that the ingredients reach the dermal junction, where they can have the most significant impact.


What is microneedling, and how does it work?

Microneedling is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the use of fine, sterile needles to create micro-injuries in the skin's superficial layers. These micro-injuries trigger the skin's natural healing response, which includes increased collagen and elastin production, resulting in improved skin texture, tone, and overall health.

How can WOW Fusion Microneedling benefit my skin?

WOW Fusion Microneedling offers several benefits, including enhanced collagen production, improved skin nutrition, elastin stimulation, and hydration. It is effective for skin rejuvenation, addressing various skin conditions, and creating a protective layer for healthier skin.

Does WOW Fusion Microneedling work for sensitive skin?

Yes, WOW Fusion Microneedling can be tailored to suit sensitive skin types. The treatment can be adjusted to minimize discomfort and ensure the best possible results without causing unnecessary irritation.

What are the key principles behind WOW Fusion Microneedling?

The key principles of WOW Fusion Microneedling include targeted collagen production, improved skin nutrition, stimulated elastin for skin elasticity, and enhanced hydration. The treatment is designed to address different skin conditions and promote skin health.

Can WOW Fusion Microneedling be used for facial treatments only?

While WOW Fusion Microneedling is often used for facial treatments, it can also be applied to other parts of the body. It is a versatile and effective treatment for various skin concerns on both the face and body.

Is WOW Fusion Microneedling a medical device or an innovative device?

WOW Fusion Microneedling is an innovative medical device designed to enhance skin health, promote natural skin plumping, and address various skin conditions. It combines advanced skincare technologies with the benefits of micro needling to offer a unique and tailored solution for each patient.

What is the exfoliation process like with WOW Fusion Microneedling?

WOW Fusion Microneedling provides a gentle exfoliation process, removing dead skin cells and revealing a fresh, healthy layer of skin. This process is essential for improving skin texture, tone, and overall appearance.

Can WOW Fusion Microneedling stimulate collagen production effectively?

Yes, WOW Fusion Microneedling is known for its ability to stimulate collagen production, which is crucial for skin health and maintaining a youthful appearance. By creating controlled micro-injuries, the treatment encourages the skin to produce more collagen, resulting in firmer, more radiant skin.

How does WOW Fusion Microneedling protect the skin and promote its rejuvenation?

WOW Fusion Microneedling creates a protective layer on the skin's surface, which helps maintain skin health and rejuvenation. This layer not only safeguards the skin but also enhances its overall appearance.

Can WOW Fusion Microneedling address skin conditions effectively?

Yes, WOW Fusion Microneedling is an effective treatment for various skin conditions, such as dull skin, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. It can also improve skin hydration, making it a versatile solution for multiple skin concerns.

Does WOW Fusion Microneedling hydrate the skin effectively?

Yes, WOW Fusion Microneedling is renowned for its ability to deliver deep skin hydration. The WOW Fusion serum hydrates the skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Is Vitamin C included in the WOW Fusion serum?

Yes, the WOW Fusion serum contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant known for its benefits in skin health, including brightening the skin, reducing signs of aging, and providing protection against environmental damage.

Can WOW Fusion Microneedling work effectively for hair restoration as well?

Yes, WOW Fusion Microneedling can stimulate hair growth when applied to the scalp. It addresses hair thinning and promotes a healthier scalp environment, encouraging hair restoration.

What are the superficial layers that microneedling targets?

Microneedling targets the skin's superficial layers, addressing a wide range of concerns, including dull skin, acne scarring, fine lines, and more.

What are fusion treatments in WOW Fusion Microneedling?

Fusion treatments in WOW Fusion Microneedling refer to the combination of microneedling with serums and other active ingredients. These treatments can be customised to suit your specific skin concerns and goals.

The WOW Fusion Microneedling Experience

  • Your Skin, Your Solution: WOW Fusion Microneedling is highly adaptable and can be customised to meet your specific skincare needs. With this treatment, your skin gets the personalised attention it deserves.
  • Revive and Rejuvenate: Experience the rejuvenating effects of WOW Fusion Microneedling, which revitalises your skin’s health, addresses various skin concerns, and provides a healthy glow.
  • Perfect Skin for Every Occasion: Whether you have a big event on the horizon or simply want to achieve fantastic, healthier skin, this treatment can help you achieve the glowing appearance you desire.
  • Safely Transform Your Skin: WOW Fusion Microneedling doesn’t involve the use of chemicals or harsh ingredients, making it a safe and natural way to improve your skin.
  • Encourage Natural Healing: WOW Fusion Microneedling taps into your skin’s natural healing response, providing a more natural-looking and longer-lasting solution for your skin issues.
  • Effective for Hair Restoration: This treatment can also be used to stimulate hair growth, helping you achieve the healthy, lustrous hair you’ve always wanted.

At Oracle Aesthetics in Carlisle, experience the transformative power of microneedling, an advanced and high-quality treatment designed to address a myriad of skin concerns. Whether you’re dealing with stretch marks, acne scars, sun damage, or skin laxity, our expert practitioners tailor each microneedling session to your individual needs. The procedure involves creating micro-injuries to stimulate the natural wound healing response, triggering the production of collagen and encouraging the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate. Prior to the treatment, a topical anaesthetic ensures your comfort throughout the process. Our bespoke treatment plans typically span 3-6 sessions, allowing for a gradual but noticeable improvement in facial volume and overall skin texture. Oracle Aesthetics is at the forefront of collagen induction therapy, emphasising the importance of the natural healing process in achieving optimal results.

Following each session, our specialists provide thorough aftercare advice to support your skin’s recovery. Trust us to guide you through a personalised journey of aesthetic treatments, embracing the power of microneedling for radiant and revitalised skin. Book your appointment today and discover WOW Fusion Microneedling.

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