Why use a Private Menopause Clinic?

Whilst many women receive menopause treatment from their GP, many women find they need more input than can be provided. Many NHS services are unable to provide the level of resources, time and choice that a private menopause clinic can. Specialist menopause services within the NHS are few and far between and often have extremely long waiting lists.

At Menopause Oracle we have the benefit of time to fully assess your symptoms, medical and family history and also to explore other contributory factors that may be exacerbating your symptoms. Our initial consultation is an hour long and we can run blood tests if we feel this is appropriate.

The menopause clinic is run within Oracle Clinics in Carlisle, Cumbria alongside Oracle Aesthetics and Oracle Dental.


How it Works

Book your appointment

Book an initial consultation by clicking the book online button on this page or contact the clinic by phone or email. Your consultation will be with our Nurse Prescriber Ness Griffiths, who is a specialist in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement.

Initial consultation

Your consultation will be 60 minutes and can be face to face or online depending on your preference. Should blood tests be recommended, these can be taken at this appointment and sent off for analysis.


Test results are usually back within 48 hrs and a telephone consultation will be needed to discuss these, as well as your treatment plan and prescription.

Prescription & Delivery

Prescriptions can be sent direct to your local pharmacy or if required to a specialist compounding pharmacy. If more convenient, your medications can be posted directly to your address. You can opt for next day delivery if you choose.

Follow up Consultations

Follow up consultations will be arranged to check on progress, talk through how you have found things and tweak medication if needs be.

Ness Griffiths

Meet your Menopause Nurse


Ness Griffiths

Aesthetics and Menopause Nurse Practitioner

NMC 10E0349E

Ness is passionate about the delivery of menopause care and the importance of ensuring women feel supported in menopause care. She has been qualified for over 12 years and has undertaken numerous menopause specific courses. She is aware of how much of a detrimental impact menopausal symptoms have on women’s lives and how often they go underreported and untreated.

Whilst treating women for their aesthetics needs, Ness noticed that many of her patients were really struggling through their menopause journey and they felt unsupported – so she started Menopause Oracle to provide an alternative to the conventional services. Ness is an experienced nurse practitioner and prescriber with over 12 years of experience. She has a background in Emergency, Intensive and Primary Care. She has undertaken numerous specialist menopause courses to enable her to safely provide menopause care to her patients and is fully insured to do so.

Have you developed any of the following symptoms?

Weight gain
Brain fog / poor memory or focus
Anxiety / Depression / Irritability
Hot flushes / Night Sweats
Sleep Difficulties
Vaginal Dryness
Sex drive / libido
Joint / Muscle aches
Headaches / Migraines
Urinary symptoms (Frequency or urgency)
Low self confidence
Irregular periods
Thinning hair and dry skin
Loss of breast fullness

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

BHRT uses plant derived hormones to correct the imbalance cause by the menopause. I can treat a wide range of symptoms of menopause that may not be relieved by holistic treatments alone. We aim to improve sleep and brain function, improve mood, reduce anxiety and depression, increase sex drive levels, and aid weight loss.

As a specialist in menopause treatment, we can offer a medical approach to help you feel like you again.

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